Engage4Bio Horizon2020

Engage4BIO will strengthen circular, sustainable bioeconomy and sustainable regional development through engaging quadruple helix actors - taking into account their diversity of societal, economic and cultural perspectives from five regional bio-based systems
(and five associated regions) in processes of design thinking, co-creation, (re)training and skills development. Based on their regional specificities (availability of biomass feedstock, level of technology, planetary boundaries and social capital) activities will be cocreated, performed and (re-)shaped to their best advantage for each region. The regional bio-based systems focus on the five major value chains, namely circular and bio-based textiles (NL), agriculture and agro-food industries (HU), wood and interior (AT), bio-based
and sustainable packaging (FI) and blue bioeconomy (IT). The embedding art and design in the activities the framework will boost the uptake to a) strengthen local governance feedback loops and respective governance models, b) to increase design thinking and cocreate formats for training, retraining, mentoring and skills development and transfer fostering understanding and engagement in bio-based systems c) to co-create communication and awareness campaigns. The co-created and implemented activities result in
fully open initiatives that advance skills transfer and development activities like (re-) training formats or mentoring programmes for various relevant stakeholders in bio-based value chains, and encourage the inclusion of citizen's knowledge and perception as well as
the engagement of citizens, boosting a better-informed decision-making process and enhancing engagement and innovation. Thus, Engage4BIO framework will be designed in a transferable way, considering regional, natural and cultural differences and will be
applicable in different European regions, also thanks to the involvement of networks and regions the partners include.

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