Partners of the project who took part in a meeting:
o VIA CULTURAE Foundation (Poland) – coordinator of the project
o DANTE - Ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih (Croatia)
o DISORA - Društvo za izobraževanje in socialni razvoj (Slovenia)
o NHE - Nevelők Háza Egyesület (Hungary)

I. The main idea of a project is to exchange experiences in social, cultural and LLL activation of adults and seniors by singing in amateur choirs.
• The target group consists of amateur choir conductors for seniors and intergenerational choirs and choir coordinators: 4 conductors or choir leaders, 4 choir coordinators.
• An intermediate group consists of choir members: about 80 people.

II. The results of the project will be:
• Exchange of experience and best practices, during international meetings and videoconferences.
• Implementation of choir workshops, in four partner institutions, in the period from January ?) 2021 to April 2022.
• Realization of the final concert broadcasted online, in April 2022.
• Collecting and developing, in the form of a brochure, examples of best practices and methods of working with amateur intergenerational choirs, choirs consisting of seniors and adults (activation of seniors and adults; methods of teaching voice emission; exercises shaping correct breathing technique; exercises in the field of ear training and shaping the sense of rhythm; exercises shaping the habits of correct voice impostion); the brochure will be made available as a PDF file on the websites of partner institutions and will be sent by e-mail to all interested persons and institutions, such as community centres etc., in which there are amateur choirs.

• Acquiring new skills and developing the professional competence of conductors, choir leaders and coordinators.
• Gaining knowledge and skills in the organisation and performance of an online concert.

III. The main activities in the project are:
• 4 international meetings whose main aim is to exchange experiences between conductors, managers and coordinators of amateur choirs;
• vocal workshops, conducted by conductors or choir leaders from individual partner institutions, for adults, seniors or intergenerational choirs; the workshops will take place once a week, 2h each rehearsal, from January 2021 (?) to April 2022;
• online concert - the final concert performed by all amateur choirs involved in the project; the concert will take place on the same day and at the same time in the four partner countries and will be transmitted online, using a sterling application; individual choirs will perform 3-4 songs (selected during rehearsals, songs from individual partner countries in the original languages), and at the end, "Ode to Joy" by Frederick Schiller, with music by Ludvig van Beethoven will be performed together; deadline - April 2022;
• developing a set of best practices and methods in working with amateur choirs, activating adults and seniors to participate in this type of cultural activity, counteracting the social exclusion of these groups; publishing a brochure in PDF format.

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