COmplex Reintegration of Employees with changed working abilities to REal LiFe - CORE RELIEF

COmplex Reintegration of Employees with changed working abilities to REal LiFe - CORE RELIEF
COmplex Reintegration of Employees with changed working abilities to REal LiFe - CORE RELIEF

The primary goal of the project is to facilitate the reintegration of people with changed abilities into the primary labor market. The main outcome of the Core-Relief project is a
curriculum written as simple text in the working language of the partnership and in the 6 languages of the Core-Relief consortium (GER, FI, E, SK, HU, LT) which can be used by the
partnerships' stakeholders and other partners.
Our goals include:
1. Secure top-grade professional development for the Core-Relief Course adult/professional trainers in response to expected high demand for training;
2. Extend the level of knowledge in connection with the main topic in Slovakia, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Hungary and Lithuania, and other EU countries.
3. Support usage of the Core-Relief Course by elaborating its training methodology into an even greater level of detail.
Professionals of the sheltered labor market and teachers/trainers of social care workers are the primary beneficiaries and the focus of the proposed project.
The project will be for the most part accomplished in a series of joint trainer staff workshops focused on the exchange of know-how and best practices of all participants.
the material of the training events (3 occasions) is supplemented by work based on common thinking and experience of exchanges of best practices. In structured workshop sessions
and training sessions participating trainers will enhance considerably their professional competences and the workshops and the training events will also generate a set of outputs
consisting of detailed lesson plans, worksheets and comprehensive methodology recommendations for training of professionals in the CoRe-Relief courses.
The proposed project implementation will start in October 2020. After completing the necessary preparatory steps all project partners will meet at the kick-off meeting in October 2020,
where they will plan and agree on detailed project parameters. Each consortium partner will establish a study group of staff members possessing one or more of the following areas of
• Professional worker educators/trainers in the sheltered labor market,
• Health care experts,
• Adult training methodology experts.
Study group members will participate in joint staff workshops and the training events aimed at the exchange of know-how and best practices. Subsequently, four cycles (one of the
Spanish, one of the Belgian, one of the Finnish and one of the Lithuanian partners) of 3-day joint staff workshops will take place in regular about 3-months long intervals. The
Hungarian partner will organize the training occasions in the first part of 2022, the main applicant, the Slovakian TENENET will organize the kick-off and closing TPMs, assists in the
organization and organization of all kind of meetings during the project, reviewer and responsible for the big whole process. After this, the last training occasion in March 2022 will
evaluate and summarize the outcomes of all exchanges. The project will be concluded in March 2023.
The study group of trainers participating in the joint staff workshops and in the training events will obtain the immediate benefits of the work program. Exchange of know-how and best
practices with the other experts and the common teamwork on the development of innovative and effective teaching methods will benefit their professional development considerably.
We also expect that a transfer of experience will take place among the lectors who participated in the exchanges and their other colleagues.
Improvements in the professional development of the trainer staff will have a profound positive impact on the quality of service partnership members will provide to their clients, public
bodies, interest groups, and other stakeholders when delivering CoRe-Relief Course training.
The results of the project will be freely available on all partners’ websites, along with learning materials of the CoRe-Relief Course. Enhancing and detailing the training methodology of
the CoRe-Relief Course will support the wider adoption of the training for the sheltered labor market by peer training organizations on the regional and national levels. Hopefully, the
Core-Relief will have a positive impact on improving the affected staff mobility and transferability of competences, initially within the boundaries of our partnership and later among other EU member states.

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